Objectives of Hojai Unnayan Mancha


To abide by the Indian Constituently rules and regulation and with the financial assistance of the Government of India, the Society is looking forward to given a prosperous life for our citizens through scientific development of Social, Educational, and Economical & Cultural aspects.
To provide necessary steps to the needy woman and provide socio-economic upliftment of the distressed through different income generating enterprises. Subsistence to family income through agriculture.
To maintain and promote naturally unity, Integrity and solidarity among the people belonging to different caste & communities.
To provided self employment scope & Set-up Computer, SHG Training Center.
To uplift the living conditions of the area, through assistance of the Government.
Along with Small Scale Industrial enterprise, we shall also provide the facilities of Agro-based-dincer generating enterprise e.g. Food processing kitchen gardening, poultry farm, grocery, piggery, apiary, fishery, dairy, farm etc. to the landless marginal & small farmholding through settings up various type of national village schools from the grass level, project for the Self Help Group (SHG).
Waste land development project for plantation & soil conservation, protection and take improvement action.
Different welfare services for Eco-Socio Development through Grants-in-Aids.
To work promotion of cultural exhibition, Educational Tours, Meeting, discussions, Seminars etc.
To Establish Co-Operative Society and help for drawing facilities through N.G.O & awareness for co-operative society & make Self-Help Group.
To assist the central and state govt. for maintaining peace, national unity and harmony among the country men.
Helping the people for rendering services to the afflicted humanity during natural calamities, disaster, drought, Flood etc. if necessary.
Try to set up orphan home, working woman hostel, student hostel, short stay home, for woman, girls & child.
Try to setup per Examination Coaching center to prepare the candidates for Civil Service Examination, professional Courses, APSC, and UPSE etc.
Try to exchange of views, ideas knowledge and experiences for population and development of Appropriate Technology and Culture.
To open and to construct to manage and to control Rural Medical and Health Services Center/Rural Hospital and Dispensaries with adequate building, wards including Maternity and Child Welfare units. Laborites, operation theater Diagnostic and treatment appliances, stores, quarters, etc. with a special view to providing surgical and Medical facilities at minimum rates or free costs to the poor masses.
To improve and expand employment opportunity for the rural land-less with a special view to guarantee of employment to at least one member of every land-less.
The organization shall arrange antenatal care’s to archive at the end of pregnancy, a healthy mother and a healthy baby by taking child care programs.
The organization shall provide by its workers (related to health) for antenatal, visits, maintains of record, home visit, prenatal advice, specified health protection, mantel preparation, family planning and pediatric components etc.
To organization will try to open YUGA Center’s to development, physical and spiritual health of the community.
To help the people those who are physically handicapped, widows, and to prevent divorcement.
To prevent the child labor and provide skill training (Vocational) to self dependent
To make the people aware of all kinds of anti-social activities like smoking, during addiction dowry system and drinking.
To make the people capable to stand against natural calamities like earth quake, flood etc.
To make the people aware of various incurable diseases, like Aids, Hepatitis-B, Cancer, Diabetes, Pollution, Un-hygiene, Sexy, Blue & Antinational Film etc.

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